What You Need to Know Before Buy Krugerrand

Are you thinking about buying Krugerrand? It is no surprise that you might find yourself interested in making a Krugerrand purchase. These coins have become intensely favored by avid coin collecting enthusiasts and investors from around the entire globe. Originating from South Africa, Krugerrand gold coins have come to be appreciated by avid coin enthusiasts because they are capable of retaining value over time.

When you invest in these types of coins you will be buying gold coins that weigh precisely one ounce or less, and the coins created are a mixture of gold and copper. Novice coin collectors might fear that the copper mix in the Krugerrand will cheapen the value of the South African coin but this is not at all the case. When the coins are assessed for value, the gold in the coin’s mix is all that is considered. The actual alloy mix results in the one ounce coin possessing more than ninety percent gold and the actual weight in gold that the coin offers works out to be a total of 33+ grams.

An authentic Krugerrand is very easy to identify. On the obverse side of the Krugerrand, the portrait of Paul Kruger can be identified: Kruger was actually the final president of South Africa. His profile is facing left and arched in front of Kruger’s profile are the words “SUID AFRIKA” which is followed by the words “SOUTH AFRICA.” Meanwhile, the reverse side of the coin bears the image of an antelope seemingly frolicking in a thatch of greenery. The antelope depicted is actually a species of African gazelle. The date the coin was created is separated and depicted on both sides of the gazelle; the first two digits of the year appear on the left of the gazelle and the remaining two digits of the year appear on the right. Arched beneath the gazelle depiction are the words “FYNGOULD 1OZ FINE GOLD.” Arched above the image is the word “KRUGERRAND.”

The above description of the Krugerrand is primarily based upon the one ounce coin offering. There are different denominations of these gold coins which include the one-half ounce of gold, one-quarter ounce of gold, and one-tenth ounce of gold. The one ounce coin is the most coveted for clearly obvious reasons.

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