What is the Gold Krugerrand Price Today?

The South African gold Krugerrand coin was the first gold coin that contains exactly one ounce of pure gold, which makes it the best known of modern bullion coins. As a matter of fact, gold Krugerrand coin has always been one of the most available and best-priced coins of its type in the market. There are thousands of gold Krugerrands bought and sold at the gold dealers stores or online everyday, making Krugerrand one of the most popular Gold Coins among investors and collectors. So what is the Krugerrand Price today?

First minted in 1967 by the South African government, the gold Krugerrand coin is the first coin to be valued at the current market value of 1 troy oz. gold. In other words, the krugerrand coin didn’t have monetary value imprinted on it. Its value is based upon the market value of one-ounce 22 carat gold it contains. Once the gold price fluctuates in the market, the price or value of Krugerrand changes correspondingly. For instance, the 1oz krugerrand price would be around $700 when the market value of gold is $700. If at the time, the gold price jumps up to $900, the 1oz Krugerrand price would increase to $900 accordingly.

Besides the “spot price” indicated above, you have to add premium for the Gold Coin when estimating the gold coins prices. Gold Krugerrands, like Mexican 50 Peso gold coins, usually carry small premiums from 5% to 10% depending on the coin sizes and purchase quantity. Usually 1 oz Krugerrand coins carry the smallest premium, while the smaller fractional sizes coins (1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz) carry higher premiums.

Because of the recent world economy in turmoil, more and more smart people turn to gold investment as a way to protect their personal wealth instead of buying stocks. The current market trend shows that the Krugerrand Price might continue increasing, making it a safe investment especially for small investors.

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