Krugerrand Bullion Buying Guide

1 oz Gold Krugerrand

With the gold prices at record highs and the World economy on the downside, more and more smart investors are converting some of their assets to gold in order to hedge against the falling dollar. After all, no other investment has the wealth preserving power as gold does. Buying Gold Bullion especially South African Krugerrand Bullion, is the most practical and popular way of owning gold.

"Bullion" is a form of metal in which its value comes primarily from the worth of the precious metal instead of an imprinted currency value. Gold Bullion coin such as Krugerrand, is priced and sold according to the weight of gold it contains, plus the additional premium it carries. Many countries have or are minting bullion coins.

The Gold Krugerrand was World's first national Bullion. Minted in South Africa back in 1967, Krugerrand Bullion coins were named after the Old South African president Paul Kruger, Krugerrand's obverse side features Paul Kruger, and the reverse depicts South Africa's national symbol, the Springbok antelope. Today, gold Krugerrands come in four different sizes: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz. 1 oz gold Krugerrand is by far the most popular Krugerrand coin and is widely traded worldwide.

Here is the 1oz Krugerrand gold coin specifications:
Weight: 33.9305 gram
Gold Content: 1 troy oz (31.104 gram)
Diameter: 32.61 mm to 32.77 mm
Thickness: 2.74 mm to 2.84 mm

There are many sources to purchase Krugerrand Bullion today. You can visit local coin shops, or order from mail catalogs. In my opinion, however, the best place to purchase Krugerrands is online. offers a wider selection and up-to-the-minute deals comparing to the traditional coin retail shops.

One tip for buying Krugerrand Bullion online is to buy from a reputable seller. You can look up the sellers' feedback scores, or carefully read the comments from previous customers. Ideally, you would want to do business with a seller with a feedback score of 100%. But you have to take everything into consideration. If a seller has a feedback score of less than 100% he still may be a reputable dealer.

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