6 Tips to Buy Gold Coins Online Safely

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Thanks to the internet, buying gold coins either as investment or collectible coins has never been easier. You can find great coin deals at KrugerrandGoldCoins.com with gold prices below what is offered at retail stores specializing in selling gold bullions and gold coins. If you save 5-10% at KrugerrandGoldCoins.com, it means you are getting one free gold coin with every 10 coins purchased. Talking about smart investing…

But you also want to have a pleasant and save experience with your online purchase. Read the tips below and you would never have to worry about your gold coin purchase again.
1. Always look at feedback number, higher number means more confidence in a seller. You can find this number after the seller name in parentheses.

2. Look at feedback positive % as well. Seller might have large feedback number (meaning a lot of items sold), but if feedback percentage is 67% - you might step into issues with seller. A good rule of thumb is feedback percentage should be 90% or higher.

3. Buy from Power Sellers. They are well established and care about their reputation and customers.

4. If you decided to buy not from Power Seller or a seller with feedback number higher than 200, you have to check latest items sold (are they related to gold coins?) and the length of his membership. Looking for a seller who has been around for a while.

5. Try to find gold coin auctions with “No reserve price”. In this case you know you do not have to bid up to “reasonable” price on the coin, and actually may land a very good deal on a gold coin.

6. Look through auction listing and find Return policy. You want to make sure seller gives you 7 to 10 day to evaluate coin and decide if the coin was advertised correctly. I had few times a bad experience with coins when seller advertised coin as MS-65, where it is really MS-60.

Follow these tips and you will have a pleasant experience with buying gold coins online at KrugerrandGoldCoins.com.

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Gold Coin Collecting Trends for 2008-2009

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Gold coin collectors everywhere are celebrating the soaring gold prices that have been seen in recent times. Coins and collections that were once valuable are now very valuable. For 2008-2009, gold coin collecting will remain strong.

Proof gold coins are expected to be strong performers through 2009, as are rare date and early gold. With rare date and early gold coins, the better they look, the higher their value. Proof gold coins are rare by definition and those in F.D.C. (fleur de coin) condition are going to have the highest value.

The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin is still one of the most beautiful, popular and sought after gold coins on the market, and will remain so for a long time. Saint Gaudens proof coins, and those with no motto (without In God We Trust) on them are more rare and therefore more highly valued.

Newly minted 24-kt Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse gold coins, both proof and uncirculated are going to be strong for the coming months. Other gold coins that are remaining high in popularity are the $10 Liberty and the $5 Liberty, the $5 Liberty Half-Eagle (with or without motto), the Commemorative US gold coins – 1988 Olympic (uncirculated) and 1986 Statue of Liberty, British Sovereign gold coin – King Edward 1902-1910, Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Australian Lunar gold coins – 2005 1 oz Gold Rooster and 2004 1-oz. Gold Monkey.

In uncertain financial times, gold is one thing whose value continues to remain strong if not rise. Consider adding any of these coins to your collection. Shop for Gold Coins now!

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Worldly Investors Buy Gold Coins

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The very best part about accumulating gold in the 21st Century is that you are just able to buy as much of the yellow tender that your bank account can handle and you do not have to go to Sutter's Creek in California during a gold rush to pan for your gold. No getting your hands dirty now. Any person with common sense these days will buy gold coins.

Gold coins do not lose their value and now you can even buy online. Where to buy gold coins is as close to you as your computer and online access. There are even gold coins being sold from the many Spanish galleons found off the Florida coast. These gold coins from fallen Spanish galleons are proof positive that gold coins do not lose their value and actually, as every year passes, may go up in value. The truth is in knowing where to look and how to be proactive as to gold coins are in the markets that do have intrinsic value.

When buying gold coins a person has to study this market throughout the world. Especially upsetting would be to buy gold coins as jewelry and find that because a hole is drilled through a gold coin the value has diminished. Normal wear and tear is evident on some gold coins that are very old but for the most part an investor has to look for the quality a gold coin has kept and then the investment is worth the payment.

A person could go around the world in gold coins. There are gold coins such as the Gold South African Krugerrand, Gold American Eagle, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Gold Panda, and many more including the Austrian Gold Philharmonic. All of these finely fired coins can and, as the U.S. Dollar decreases in value, should be purchased.

The person in the "know" call gold investing a liquid investment and this market never closes around the world; yes, you can purchase gold at anytime of the day or night. If you buy gold bullion, it is just shaped like a bar, but when you buy gold coins you are buying artistic representations from animals to structures. Very nicely done and actually have increasing value when the model represented is discontinued. The four criteria of gold coins are rarity, grade, quality, and popularity.

During the 1980's the South African Gold Krugerrand coins were very popular, but as an investor, you should be looking for the highest grade and the rare dates of any series. A numismatic investment is typically made after all the criteria are met.

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